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    Forum Rules! MUST READ


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    Forum Rules! MUST READ Empty Forum Rules! MUST READ

    Post  Nyyaaa on Sat Jan 30, 2010 8:30 am

    1. No abuse. Abusive behavior will be not tolerated, if me or any other mods receive a pm or message stating they feel they have been abused by another member, and have proof, that member will be questioned, and banned according to their answers.

    2. No making an application for an unneeded job. Applicating for an unneeded job will result in a warning and your application being deleted. Also you will not be able to applicate again for two weeks.

    3. Keep post types in the correct forums. Eg. No spamming or off-topic chat outside the "Nab Talk" forum, and no apllicating outside the "Application" forum.

    4. English only. Please try your hardest to speak English within the forums, this is an English private server after all.

    5. Obey Mods and Admins. Denying a request from a Mod or Admin will get you a 3 day ban. Doing it again and you will be forever banned.

    If you feel that the request is unorthodox, then contact me or Gantz

    6. Keep to all rules, breaking any will result in a warning or ban, depending of the situation.

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    Forum Rules! MUST READ Empty Re: Forum Rules! MUST READ

    Post  Mayabell on Sat Jan 30, 2010 3:13 pm

    Additional Forum Rules

    1.) Be Respectful. Do not insult, flame, or just plain offend anyone. From this forum

    2.) Stay On Topic.

    3.) Do Not Spam. Do Not Use Another Forum to Advertise or Link to Inappropriate Websites. You are allowed to post links in your profile or your signature. Don't link to dangerous sites. All links inappropriately linked will be deleted. Links we will allow are Youtube links.

    4.) Don't Recreate Topics or Double Post. Just hit the reply button once to avoid it being posted twice.

    5.) Do Not Impersonate Admins, Mods, or Any Other Member. This is disrespectful to that particular person.

    6.) Do Not Create Multiple Accounts for mischief. If multiple accounts are detected, admins can easily find out who you are.
    If you create one to "break" certain rules or to avoid scarring your main account's reputation. Both accounts will be secured by the appointed staff for deciding the outcome of the accounts, with possible deletion.

    7.) Do Not Use Inappropriate or Huge Images. This includes images in your avatar, signature and images in a post. Signatures shouldn't be too large even with text. If it gets too big, you will be warned. For your avatar, use images of anime or other icons for safety online.

    9) Do Not Repost Copyrighted Material or Topics. Don't copy someone else's post from another site. Most likely it'll be their own FAQ's that they worked hard on. This is somewhat disrespectful to them.

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    1. Be sure to read the rules!
    2.PM me if you need help<3
    Forum Rules! MUST READ Avalan2

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